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Unwrap me now, been waiting since midnight

Blogger: Melinda || Location: Sydney, Australia || Date/Time: November 7th, 2018 ♥ 9.15am

yuh so look at me being all extra af for holidays. this year has been crazy and time has gone by so fucking quick?! i mean one week feels like literally two days before its the weekend again. i dont even remember what i did this year lmfao. anyway, christmas + winter content are FINALLY up. it took me a lil longer than normal bc i was limited to ideas for this season. i hope it's still great for you. besides the new stuff, some of my old holiday content is back but revamped and some i have sold because i didnt like them anymore. in other news, i made & coded this layout so it'll be featured in one of my future stylesheets that i'll eventually get around to posting. i'm sorry it's taking so long! oops. besides the siteworld stuff, i am reducing my shifts at work and hopefully getting more time to myself and gonna do some proper job hunting because i am just over this fucking job that i've been at for 5 long ass years. lmfao. i dont even think you care to read anymore than this so im just gonna end it here and let y'all enjoy browsing my site. happy holidays!!