The devil got you good this time

Blogger: Melinda || Location: Sydney, Australia || Date/Time: January 5th, 2019 ♥ 8.37pm

welcome back to another year of being with me. first of all, i just wanna say, thank you for using & acknowledging my site til current. i really appreciate all of u, keep y'all amazing signs coming.

as of life updates, i quit my job and will be starting classes next month. i will be studying web-based technologies & design. basically its learning all of the stuff we do here in the siteworld. i cant wait to learn more & share these things w y'all. it will be a full time course for 6 months, so i wont have much time this year to focus on my site but i'll try my best to keep it active! as of now, this brand new layout was coded by ajey (the stylesheet) & i made the header. there are a ton of new updates for y'all to browse. also, as of valentines day content, that'll all go up very shortly, i just wanted a regular content first before anymore holiday stuff. i cant wait to share with you all the new things that will be coming to this site.