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Border Accessories

♥ Here you will find decor pieces that you can use for when making border psds.
♥ These include pixel packs (that i purchased) or stroke bases (that i made).
♥ Pixel packs include pixels that you are allowed to use to make the borders.
♥ Stroke bases are strokes i've made that you can place under your borders whether its yours or someone elses to give it that extra touch. You don't need to edit these.

Pixel Packs

♥ Most of these are purchased from Emmie@Starshine with MY own money.
♥ The first starter pack was found via google, i just packed it together.
♥ Do not redistribute ANY of these as you do not own them, i am sharing some of the ones i own for public use.
♥ They are only allowed to be used in borders for content on YOUR SITE ONLY not in sold items.

Stroke bases

♥ I made these / came up with this idea.
♥ How to use: place the file underneath your border psd you are using.