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current layout

  • layout made by riley / southie
  • stylesheet by loveblush.
  • song title from lyrics: Hurts like Hell by Madison Beer.
  • current previews used on several pages incl main content, decos, font previews, pixel packs & tutorials are by loveblush.

  • current holiday content

  • brushes used in bg psds are from loveblush, parisfalls & mascara.
  • some pixels in borders are from either myself, bear/saturn or dani/southie.
  • brushes bought from ashley, ajey, kaylie or found via google.
  • some cs templates are from jac & kaylie.
  • some cutouts are done by megz & aldona.
  • lace and some regular decos are bought from lavalust
  • brushes in deco #23 are from loveblush

  • resources

  • bg psds made by megz/pixieskull & kecia/parisfalls.
  • border #179 - #181 were made by bear/saturn.
  • brushes purchased by ajey, ashley, olivia & kaylie.
  • some brush packs were found and clustered by me but found on google.
  • coloring psds made by kecia/parisfalls & jac/carousel
  • some color schemes were purchased from jac/carousel & jen/vanillarose.
  • some decos were purchased from kecia, britt, anne, aldona, chevelle and jac.
  • pattern psds were made by kelsie/coastal & sandra/parisfalls.
  • pixel packs were made by emmie/starshine.
  • tumblr cutouts were made by jac, megz & aldona.
  • vector masks were made by megz/pixieskull & jen/vanillarose.

  • ***YES i do make my own things. i make most of my content but as stated, SOME of it was purchased, not all.***