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text deco version one tutorial

♥ Don't forget to credit mascara.

step one:

define the brushes you want to use for this and have most of your sign created. create a new layer under your text layer. select the brush cluster you are wanting to use, resize if you think it'll look better. i normally do between 200-250 depending on the brush cluster itself. stamp the brushes so they are align next to each other. do this on the SAME layer and however many times you need accordingly.

step two:

change the color if you wish. either a light grey such as #eee or a dark grey such as #333 work best. duplicate the layer and move the bottom brush layer down and right once. add a gradient overlay to match your scheme.

duplicate the layer again, move it down and right once each. go back to the second layer and add noise.

step three:

finally, duplicate the bottom layer AGAIN but this time add a blur: motion, radial or shape.
to get a stronger effect, you can duplicate the blur layer.

step four:

you can add a inner shadow or a subtle black and white gradient overlay, or whatever overlay settings you think works well on the top layer of the brushes. then finish off the rest of your sign and you're done :)

m a s c a r a a . n e t