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beam version one tutorial

♥ Don't forget to credit mascara.

you'll be making this beam style (example in sign)

step one:

have most of your sign completed. create a new layer ABOVE your cutout layers. pin point and create your beam, as shown:

using the pen tool, right click on the document and choose the appropriate brush and color choice. i normally do a solid circle of 2px with a dark or light grey color layer. then choose "stroke path" then click ok. i do this twice to give it a stronger effect before deleting your path.

step two:

once your beam path has been deleted, you can layer mask this layer or keep as is. duplicate your beam layer, move it down and right once. add a gradient fill to match your color scheme. rasterize the layer and add noise.

step three:

merge all beam layers. seperately, merge all cutout layers. you should have TWO layers you're working with now, do NOT merge the beam layer and the cutout layer together! stay ON the beam layer but press shift and click on thumbnail layer of your cutout layer (make sure this selects your cutout). now select the eraser tool, with a solid circle brush and remove every second line in the beam.

step four:

now, above your beam layer, create a new layer and add a brush of your choice (i.e stars, flowers, hearts), on the curve of all the points. try and keep the brush size the same and consistant.

you can change the color of the brush and add a gradient stroke the same way as the beam, or style it however you choose! merge all brush layers you have at this point.

step five:

this step is optional. merge your beam AND your cutout layer together, using the magic wand tool and holding shift, select all the gaps between the beam and cutout. create a new layer under the sitemodel layer and add a pattern of your choice.

you're done :)

m a s c a r a a . n e t