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preppy text tutorial version four

♥ Don't forget to credit mascara.

you'll be making this brush style (example in sign)

step one:

have your sign open. above the vector psd layer, place your brush cluster where you like. layer mask this layer by pressing control + hit the black area of the thumbnail. then add a new fill layer with a dark or light grey color depending of your choice for this sign.

step two:

layer mask again and add a gradient layer that matches your color scheme for the sign. drag this layer under the first one you made. move it down and right once each so you have this so far.

duplicate this layer. keep this on the bottom, move it down and right twice each. then go back to the second one (the layer above this) and rasterize it to add your noise settings.

you can either stop here, or keep going. it depends on how much detail you want.

step three:

make a layer underneath your text layers. (do not merge any if you want to add blur, i'll show you soon how). randomly decide what brushes in the cluster you want to fill in with the first pattern. the best technique for this is to scatter them. do not have the same pattern fills next to each other. you'll see what i mean. so go ahead with your regular circle brush tool and color in the gaps you choose or use the marquee tool to select. the red parts are what gaps i chose to fill.

now layer mask this with a pattern psd fill that matches your scheme. if you dont have one already, make one. you can find heaps here: click me

go ahead and do the same for the other brushes. i normally have 3 patterns: pattern psd, transparent and zebra. there are numerous pattern options you can have, just decide what looks best!

you are basically done or if you want more effects such as blur, continue on.

step four:

go back to the 2nd gradient layer mask you made (the one that does NOT have noise) and duplicate this layer. add your preffered blur settings.

  • for motion blur: Angle is 40 and the Distance is 16.
  • for radial blur: Amount is 15, Spin or Zoom is your choice and Quality is best.

  • m a s c a r a a . n e t