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stroke tutorial version two

♥ Don't forget to credit mascara.

you'll be making this stroke (example in sign)

step one:

Make your cutout black and white. Rasterize. Add a 2px DARK GREY stroke. Rasterize.

step two:

Add a 2px GRADIENT stroke to match your sign. Rasterize.

step three:

Add a 1px SCANLINE PATTERN stroke. Rasterize. Dupliate the layer.

step four:

On the bottom layer of the two, add a TRANSPARENT PATTERN stroke. The size is your choice but i normally do between 6-12px. You can also make the scale of 50%, which is what i did here. Rasterize.

step five:

You can either leave it as it is, or continue. Add a 2px WHITE stroke. Rasterize.

step six:

Add a 1px SCANLINE PATTERN stroke. Rasterize. Go back to the top / first cutout layer and add a small drop shadow. You're done.

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