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preppy text tutorial version one

♥ Don't forget to credit mascara.

you'll be making this text (example in sign)

step one:

create your sign, then on the same document, type out your text & kern it to your liking. the name of the font that i used is: Lemondrop Bold.

while your color scheme is open, make a new document to create a gradient with the same pixels (width) as your text and your height as 1px. then colorize how you would normally as so.

now add your preffered overlay settings. i normally do bevel & emboss, inner shadow & pattern overlay, but its your choice here.

step two:

now the slightly more complicated part, you may need to re-read this a few times. make a new layer and merge it so that your text is not editable. duplicate that layer and place that layer under the first one. on the second layer, go to blending options and add a color overlay of #000000 (black) with the setting as overlay, as such:

you should have this:

now duplicate that same layer (the bottom one). on this layer, use your arrow keys and move it down and right twice. then go ahead and change the mode from overlay to normal with the color as #333333 or any dark grey you prefer.

merge all text layers.

step three:

go to blending options and add a 3px stroke of #333333 or the same dark grey you used before. rasterize the layer.

now add a 2px gradient stroke.

at this point you are basically done. or you can go ahead and add a drop shadow, gloss, reflective text and some patterns underneath for it pop. this was literally easy af but adding optional text will make it look like you put way more effort into your sign.

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