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preppy text tutorial version four

♥ Don't forget to credit mascara.

you'll be making this text (example in sign)

step one:

create most of your sign, then on the same document, type out your text & kern it to your liking. flip the text by pressing control + t (transform) and select "rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise." adjust your size so it fits from the top to the bottom of the sign accordingly. the name of the font that i used is: Big Top Regular. depending on your stroke, you can choose to have your text layer behind or infront of your sm cutout layers. for this, mine is behind.

use the gradient method to colorize your text as per normal.

add your blending option settings.


step two:

the rest of the settings are up to you. you can follow any of my methods in the previews tutorials. however, instead of pressing down and right, press UP and right. you should have something like this eventually. then go ahead and finish of the rest of your sign. (see top of the page for finished example)

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