how to: make a sitemodel single

step one:

This tutorial teaches you how to make a decent sitemodel single, whether you want to make these as psds for your website or to use for your sitemodels that you manage.

First off; if you're using making these for your sitemodels you manage, make sure you have your photos gathered, edited and organized to the way you want them. (I do not manage any sitemodels so i have no idea what else y'all do but make sure it's all done pre-hand before you start making these! so its easier!)
Next, you'll want to open a border psd whether it's your own or someone else's. Choose your color scheme and change it to match the border! This is what i'm using for this tutorial:

  • Merge your border folder layers but DO NOT merge with the bacground layer.

  • step two:

    Underneath the border layer, make a new one if you don't have one already and begin typing out your text, then edit it however you like!.

  • For your site put: "sitemodel" as the main text.
  • For your own sitemodel put: your "sitemodel name that you manage" as the main text. Example: If I managed Jaslyn, I would write Jaslyn, as the main text.

    Now, go ahead and add your sub text.
  • For your site put: "sitemodel name goes here"
  • For your sitemodel put: "donations, auctions, free rares"
  • or whatever your sitemodel is having for that particular set.

    step three:

    Now go ahead and add some text decos to make it look cuter! I used the text deco from parisfalls.

    step four:

    Now add some actual sign decos so the single won't look so plain. You can find the one I used on this site.

    step five:

    Finally, add a new folder underneath ALL layers called "previews" and this is where you'll be adding all the pictures! Here is an example of how your finished sitemodel single will look like!