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Welcome to! This site is owned by Melinda. I'm 21 years old and currently living in Sydney. I have been in the sw since i was about 11 or 12 years of age. This site provides you with all kinds of original content. Check out what the site has to offer you and enjoy!


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Text tutorial: version two

step one:

Here's another version of how i do my texttttt.
have your sign open or whatever you're working on and type out your text as per usual

Color Code your text.

step two:

Match your settings with the following:

It should look something like this:

step three:

duplicate the only text layer you should now have.
on the bottom text layer, use the keypad and move it down once and right once.
in settings, add a color overlay of black (#000000) and set the blend mode to "overlay"

duplicate the bottom layer again.
on the bottom layer, move it down once and right once.
go back to the second layer where you first did this and add some noise.
You should have your text looking something like this:

step four:

merge all layers.
add a 2px #ffffff (white) stroke.
rasterize layer style.
add a 1px scanline stroke.
Merge all text layers.

Reflect your text like you usually would.

Fill in the gaps behind your text with a pattern of your choice. Transparent works best tho.

step five:

add some optional text, text decos etc or whatever you like to do!