Optional Text tutorial: version one

step one:

First off, make sure you have a PIXEL font downloaded & installed for this tutorial.
Some of the best ones that are commonly used are: "ernest," "04b03" and "0424."
Also make sure you have your main text already done.

step two:

On your main text layer, click on the text tool then change to whichever pixel font you prefer to use.

Please keep in mind the sizes for SMOOTH pixel text vary in all 3 fonts.
  • Ernest: Size - 10px
  • 04b03 & 0424: Size - 8px WITH THE CAPS LOCK SETTINGS

  • step three:

    Type out your text / lyrics / qoute.
    Add a 1px solid #333 stroke.
    Position to where you like it best.
    You're literally done.